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Dr. Donald Strutt, who grew up in Dodgeville, Wisconsin, said he was drawn to chiropractic care after visiting a chiropractor when he was in junior high.

“I saw the chiropractor a few times and my problem was fixed,” said Dr. Don. “I thought that it was pretty neat.”

And that dream stuck with him. By the time he turned 21-years-old, he had graduated from Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport.

A love of the Mississippi River drew Dr. Don and his wife Joanne to McGregor. They first opened Strutt Clinic in the ‘Gill Church Confectionery’ building, where the McGregor Library now stands. In December of 1953, they purchased a home across the street at 411 Main and moved the business there. At the time, Dr. Don was the only chiropractor in town, which meant he worked six days a week and often saw patients late into the night.

“We had a small waiting room so we set chairs up in the yard in the summer and patients would sit in the lawn playing cards, sometimes waiting over an hour,” said Dr. Don. “Farmers came into town on Saturdays and we would work sometimes until one or two in the morning. That was our busiest night of the week.”

In 1958, the business moved across the street once again. Dr. Don and Joanne built the clinic at 333 Main. Although it has gone through several remodels, it ended up being the building in which he treated patients the final five decades of his career.

One of the most memorable moments of his career includes helping a young girl with cerebral palsy learn to walk.

“I treated her for several years. We had ponies at the time and she loved watching them,” said Dr. Don. “I told her when she learned to walk we would give her one of them. And we did.”

He also remembers helping out other chiropractors who were leaving the area. For that reason, he had clinics in both Prairie du Chien and Guttenberg at one point in his career.

Throughout the years, working at the clinic has truly become a family affair. Patients have seen several of Dr. Don’s children and grandchildren working behind the front desk. He also passed on his passion to one of his sons, Dr. Craig Strutt, who is now the owner of Strutt Clinic. And the clinic truly remains a family business as Dr. Donald's granddaughter’s husband, Dr. Jonathon Moser, has also joined the staff.

And of course, Dr. Don’s wife and partner Joanne, worked in the clinic and by his side throughout his entire career.